Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Free Books for your Quarantine Reading

Because of the current Viral mess going around the world, Don Elwell has asked us to offer some of his books as a free download this coming weekend (March 27-29).  Beginning at 8AM Pacific Daylight Time, you'll be able to download his "An Alien's Guide to Sears and Roebuck", "In the Shade", "The Ganymeade Protocol, Revised Edition" and "The Floating Empire Composting Toilet Book" from his Amazon Author pages for free.  Feel free to download any or all (but please leave a review if you liked them.  We live and die by those things on ebooks).  The link to download is HERE.

As this crisis continues, we'll be negotiating with our distributors and authors to see how many of our titles we can make available for free or at a substantial discount.  Stir crazy is not pretty, but a good novel or how-to can sure help pass the time.


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