Friday, November 12, 2021

Plain Big Words


We here at Wild Shore are absolutely delighted to announce the release of Plain Big Words by Brian C. Felder.  Mr. Felder has the distinction of being one of the most published poets in America, with over 400 poems published in over 140 different publications. He has been a staple of the small press scene in this country for some 50 years.  Yet in all that time, despite having appeared in numerous poetry anthologies and being honered with his own archive at the University of Delaware, Felder has never published an anthology of his own works.

Until now.

Plain Big Words is a selection of 100 of the author's favorite pieces, complete with photographs of some of the places, people, and events that inspired them.  Felder's poetry is terse, muscular, and always affecting and thoughtful.  Chris Helvey, editor of  Trajectory magazine and a well known novelist and poet in his own right, said of Felder's Work:  

"PLAIN BIG WORDS is, to use plain big words, the best damn poetry book I have ever read!  Honest, open, and direct, Brian's poems form a mosaic of our collective lives.  What a wonderful collection.  Do not miss this book!"

Poet Brian C. Felder in 2021

We're glad did didn't miss this one.  Plain Big Words by Brian C. Felder is available in softcover or digital copies.  You may get your own by clicking HERE.