About Us

Beginning in the late '90's as a publisher of poetry chaps and the Los Angeles coffeehouse publication "Weird Times", Wild Shore Press has maintained a tradition of literary excellence and a history of eccentricity kind of unmatched in the publishing industry.  Now based firmly on the Internet, we continue that tradition, offering you a selection of interesting, eclectic, and happily intellectual works for your perusal in both physical and electronic formats.

Wild Shore Press currently serves as the in-house publisher for the Grindlebone Arts Collective.  As such, most of our titles have some connection to the members, past and present, of the collective and of it's progenitor, the Greylight Theatre. It's an eclectic group of eccentric and wildly talented folks, and we think our books reflect this.

So have a look at our catalog and join us.  We'd love your feedback at feedback@wildshorepress.com


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